Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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Possum problem

During the day possums sleep in their dry places that are hidden from other animals and humans, these places are called dens. They do this because possums are nocturnal animals, however they do emerge at night times to eat fruits flowers and leaves from trees. Since they have no predators there are over 80 million just in New Zealand and are now considered pests to us. Because of this the department of conservation and regional groups try to get rid of them. Even though possums are considered pests they're not completely useless because of the fact that people skin them and use there fur for clothing

Possums don’t only devour plants and and fruits but they also devour animals like birds bats and insects as mentioned before the department of conservation and regional groups try to kill them however farmers and hunters also try to get rid of them by trapping them, shooting them and even poisoning them. Humans also barbecue Possum’s as a food resource. British moved to New Zealand realising they were barely any animals to hunt for their fur. So New Zealand asked them if they could ship over a few possums for their fur at first it seemed okay however they didn’t realise the impact that possums would have. A company called climatization got introduced to NZ and released hundreds of possums to New Zealand.

As I mentioned before settlers had no idea what would happen to possums. Orchids plants and trees were being destroyed by possums and slowly plants and trees disappeared, and soon enough it was legal to kill possums without a license. Using position to kill possums was also legalized. However soon a new disease was discovered called bovine tuberculosis also known as Bt. This disease spread rapidly around. However in Australia things were a little bit different. Predators controlled the possum population. However in New Zealand they sit on the top of the food chain, meaning they can pick what they want to eat without having to worry about being eating themselves

If you are concerned about having a possums in your garden let me tell you the signs of how to know if a possum is in your backyard. First of is if you see claw marks in your garden or damage fruit skin then there’s a high chance a possum is roaming around your house. Also if you see possum footsteps and theres definitely a possum around. If you want to get rid of the possums the put metal on the bottom of your tree

Possums are pests (find out why)

Image result for lots of possumsRelated imageImage result for what damage have possums donepossums aren't usually dangerous animals, but many people run into various problems with opossums due to their scavenging and opportunistic behavior.opportunistic means  able to spread quickly in a previously unexploited habitat.
Possums are considered a pest because there are over 80,000,000 just in new Zealand itself. They also do great damage to plants walls and even to some of our wild life.
Before people used to kill possums by shooting them or by trapping them however now that the possum population has risen, people have gone so far to kill possums that now they have started to equip themselves with poison and other chemicals soon they may have to destroy forests to kill possums

Image result for possum traps in 1960
This is a possum trap in the 1960’s
They built this trap to lower the
Population of possums you put bait
in the middle. To work this trap you have to
Put bait in the middle of the trap
And wait for the possum to try a eat it
Related image

This possum trap is from the 2010
it works by the possum running up
the tree and tripping on a metal wire  and get caught
Image result for possum traps in2011
 Possum trap in 2011 how it works is you
Put a big piece of bait in the top of the cage
Then when the possum goes in then it will
Trip over the piece of wire and it will shut the
Cage Door
 Related image
2012   First you put the trap on the tree and
Then when the possum tries to climb up
Tree. it will get caught

What you would need for a trap
*you need bait like fruits  veggies and more
*another thing  you would need is some nails
* you also may need some string
*you would also need some wood  
* and straight metal
Image result for fruitImage result for buildingnailsImage result for string threadImage result for woodImage result for a piece of metal

Monday, 27 November 2017


Green the colour of an large undiscovered terrain of trees . The colour of leaves high up in trees or lifeless on the ground. As you look around you would see vines over vines and moss devouring the trees and cobble around I like you. As you walk across the gravel you hear nothing the only thing that speaks to you is silence.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017


reflection- we had to create a describe a polar bear and list what they would eat and go in dept to how they hunt and more

I like how I did not just say what they eat instead i went in dept and said why they  eat that certain type of food. maybe next time I could describe different things about cause my ideas mainly related to food 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Facts about Diwali

WALT- find out facts about Diwali

1.Everyone knows that when Diwali is an Indian holiday, but what most people may not know is that Diwali also celebrates the start of another year for Indians

2.Diwali is the most famous and largely celebrated holiday in India as it marks the Indian New Year on the 23rd of October, lasting for 5 days, Indian school kids also get a couple days off school to celebrate.     
3.More than 800 million people celebrate this festival in various ways around the world.

4.These fireworks cause health problems such as respiratory issues, heart attacks, high blood pressure and many more.If you use fireworks during Diwali they will also cause safety hazards to the children handling them. Many of these firecrackers burst near children, causing them severe injuries. Hence, necessary steps must be taken during the festival season, and a more environmentally friendly way of celebrating the festival should be used in the coming years.

5. During Diwali millions of people spend billions of dollars on hazardous fireworks and other celebratory items.

6 Ansh’s family celebrates Diwali by going to a restaurant and having a huge party where everyone has to sing or dance.  Ansh remembers that during this time the most awkward moment of life occurred, as I had to sing in front of 70 family members.
7. Krish’s family celebrates Diwali by making food and giving it to friends and family. Krish remembers that during this time he became friends with Jashil who used to go to this school.

8. Gambling during Diwali is actually quite popular as there is a belief that it brings good luck and prosperity in the year ahead.

9. Ansh thinks that Diwali is a great time to praise the gods and ask them to help them during the next year.  Diwali is like the Maori celebration of Matariki as in Matariki and Diwali people ask for help during the upcoming year

10. Krish thinks that Diwali is a good time to unite with other people who you haven’t seen in ages like your relatives, and also eat the nice food and talk .
By Krish and Ansh

The Prize

WALT- describe a setting

Pilers, standing glaring at its colourless background.Tall and soldier - like, sweating is it’s part of it’s job and no it’s not because of actual work because that would be in human instead it’s because it has to hold vast terrain of ice that sits above it . The vast piler spreading across the ocean protects the prize that lay behind, the prize that only the bravest of men would know of. The wind curling around the structure, leading the waves to clash against the already frozen piler. Was a human isolated inside or was something else, something a little bit different, something that hasn’t met anyone ? who knew.